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Register for the Winter 2024 League Season 2 with United FC Beacon


United FC Beacon is proud to bring rectreational leage play to the area for the winter. Winter Season 1 will be held from February 27 through April 30. Games will be held on Tuesday Nights. All kickoffs will be at 7:35pm and 8:50pm. 


Game will be held at the Newburgh Armory. Games will be 6 v 6 (5 and a keeper). Indoor fields at the armory are turf. Turf Shoes or Sneakers only, no cleats.


Registration is per Player. To register multiple Players to the same Team, adjust the Quantity before checkout. You may reserve the full team by selecting the maximum number of 11 players. Teams with remaining roster spots available may be filled with Free Agents.


All Players must complete and return their Club Paperwork prior to playing in their first match with United FC Beacon. 


All games are 6 a side (5 + Keeper)

Max Roster Size is 11 Players


Team Registration: Please decide what color your team would like to wear for the season and select the same color when registering to play. Teams assignments are on a first-come, first-served basis.


Free Agents will be able to register for any team with available roster space until the maximum size of 11 is reached. Free Agents may be re-assigned to balance roster size.


All Players must complete Club Paperwork before their first match and are responsible for upholding the Club Code of Conduct. Players must be age 18 or older as of kickoff on Match Day 1 (February 27). All skill levels welcome. 


Club Code of Conduct:

Club Paperwork:

Winter 2024 Co-Ed League | Season 2

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Club Paperwork

    Club Paperwork can be found at, downloaded from, and returned to

    Paperwork/Forms include: Club Membership Application, and Waiver.

    Please download, review, complete, and return through the website before playing your first match with United FC Beacon.

  • Season Format

    League Play will be for Match Days 1-8. Match Day 9 & 10 will be playoffs. Format of League Play and Playoffs will be announced with the Schedule. Final Schedule will be released in the week prior to Opening Day.

    60-Minute Games (30 x 2)
    5 Minute Halftimes
    15 Minute Warmup/Break between Games
    Professional Referees

    Win - 3 Points, Draw - 1 Point, Loss - 0 Points
    Tie Breakers: Goal Differential, Goals For, Head to Head Result, Coin Toss

  • Multiple Registrations

    If you are registering for another person, or are registering multiple players in one transaction, please send an email to with all player names and email addresses to complete registration for those players. We ask for the additional player names to be sent as soon as possible to allow for processing. All players must complete Club Paperwork before play.

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