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United FC Beacon

World Cup Watch Party

Host Locations

Support the Businesses that support Local Soccer in our City. Enjoy the Tournament at one of our Watch Party Hosts. The Businesses below will be showing the 2022 World Cup at their locations. Please call in advance for the earliest kickoff times.


Hosts designated as Fundraising Partner Only will likely not be open during these early kickoff times, but are still assisting in the Youth Soccer Fundraising Campaign. 

Where to Watch:

Enjoy the World Cup in Beacon at any of the United FC Beacon Watch party Hosts below.


Please call ahead if the game you are going to watch falls outside the business' regular operating hours. Some businesses may open early for certain matches.

bsq logo.jpg

Bank Square Coffeehouse

129 Main Street

Right on the front end of Main Street, Bank Square keeps with their tradition of showing the World Cup. Enjoy the earliest kickoffs here with a fresh cup of go-go juice to get in the soccer spirit.


Draught Industries

349 Main Street

Draught Industries are very excited to welcome the Hudson Valley's Soccer Fans to their bar to watch the 2022 World Cup! Draught has been a host to soccer during the 2021 NYCFC Playoff run and looks forward to becoming a hub for fans during the 2022 World Cup!


Trax Coffee Roasters

1 E. Main Street

Trax Coffee Roasters open their space to United FC Beacon's fans for the entirety of the World Cup. Enjoy a fresh roast as you watch the beautiful game from their coffee house with a beautiful view of both Mt. Beacon and the Waterfall


Max's On Main

Paul Brady Wine

Baja 328

246 Main Street

The Hudson Valley's Best Sports bar is on the team! Max's holds the honor of being the longest-running sports bar in town, and they are proud to bring their award-winning hosting services to the party. This location has hosted many of us for World Cups, Euros, and even MLS Playoffs in the past - so their team will be ready for Beacon's soccer fans this year. There's always friends to watch the game with around Max's bar. 

344 Main Street

What a pairing! Soccer and wine are the perfect match. There's so many exciting possabilities when combining these two. Be on theme and taste the world. Perhaps grab a glass of Roja for Spain v. Germany, or some daytime Rosé in support of the French defense of the Cup. There's a flavor for everyone in both wine and soccer. Enjoy both here!

328 Main Street

The crew at Baja is jumping with excitement to host Beacon FC United for the 2022 World Cup. Baja boasts a large bar and speedy quality food service, perfect for enjoying a game (or two, or three, or four). Baja's staff is full of soccer fans, and they'll be pulling all the stops to make your game day experience a great one. 


The Pandorica

164 Main Street

Welcome to the Team England Headquarters! The Pandorica has been a long-time supporter of Beacon's Youth Soccer, and their owner is a lifelong fan of the game (COYS!). If you're rooting for England, or just want to experience to an authentic English soccer host, The Pandorica will be your home base for World Cup 2022. Just be careful stepping in that phone booth, you never know where, when, or WHO you'll be when you get out!



424 Main Street

The team at Carters is ready to host all of Beacon's Soccer Fans for this year's World Cup. If you're looking for a place to watch the games LIVE surrounded by our City's soccer community, Carters is the place to be. Their team is hard at work preparing special opening times for some of the Tournament's earliest kickoffs. Don't be surprised if you see an invite for breakfast and a 5AM or 8AM kickoff at this Main Street hotspot.


The Roosevelt Bar

288 Main Street

Freddy or Teddy? Whichever Roosevelt brother you favor, both are rooting for Team USA! So head on down to the Roosevelt Bar and support with Beacon's soccer community. The Roosevelt Bar brings multiple TVs, an outdoor covered patio (dog friendly!), and a bar menu filled with everything form your favorite beers to signature cocktails. With all this going on, who wouldn't want to catch a game (or two, or three...) here? You might even spot a Roosevelt in the Supporters Section on TV. 

Happy Valley.png


47 E. Main Street

This year's sponsor of the "Best of the Worst" Division II Champions (the Dogwood Underdogs) has become a true hotspot for soccer spirit. Dogwood will be replaying World Cup games every evening, creating an event where fans can congregate in true football fashion to share their love of the game! Come on down to Dogwood for Beacon's Match of the Day!

Hudson Valley Food Hall

288 Main Street

Fill the Hall! Hudson Valley Food Hall has been preparing their space for this tournament. Enjoy the games on their brand new projector and screen, installed just for the World Cup! With multiple food and drink options in the Hall, they've got all the options to match with your favorite team. 

Happy Valley
Arcade Bar

296 Main Street

Did somebody say games? Enjoy the Beautiful Game, while playing some of the classic arcade cabinets at Happy Valley. If you're feeling retro in your USA World Cup '94 gear they've got Crusin' USA, also from 1994. Maybe challenge your friends to NBA JAM, during Soccer: Tournament Edition. If you want something that involves kicking a ball, they've got Kung-Fu Kickball too! Whatever your flavor, there's a Team for you to support and a machine here for you to play. Bring your quarters!


Yankee Clipper Diner

397 Main Street

Beacon's classic, historic, local diner LOVES its soccer. The Yankee Clipper has been a long-time supporter of Beacon's Youth Soccer, and they can't wait to see all of Beacon come together to support the kids during this World Cup. The TV is already set to soccer, with special satellite coverage to ensure they will have every game from start to end. The Yankee Clipper is the perfect spot for breakfast and a game to start your day.

Stinson's Hub

439 Fishkill Avenue

Beacon's home for Football is now a home for Futbol! Stinson's Hub brings their NFL Gameday offerings to the World Cup. You won't miss a moment of action, as Stinson's is bringing a very impressive TV to Barstool ratio to the party. The fun doesn't stop here, because early World Cup kickoffs flow right into the afternoon NFL matchups. Let's rock the shamrock!


Trax Coffee Roasters

469 Fishkill Avenue

Two is better than one! Trax has opened their second location to United FC Beacon's Soccer fans as well! This space has additional seating, and a foosball table! There's a bar inside incase you want a little more than coffee to get you going for the day's matches.


Accuprint Pack & Ship*

*Fundraising Partner Only
242 Main Street

Everybody's getting in on the fun! Accuprint served as the United FC Beacon vendor of choice for printing the Watch Party posters - and is proudly displaying one in their own window to help support the Youth Soccer Fundraiser. This family business has deep ties to Beacon's sports community. We are proud to have their support in raising funds for Beacon's youth athletes. 

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